Food Presentation For A Business Setting Is Unlike That For A Party

Making a corporate client happy is its own set of concerns. Sure, the food options may be similar to those for an engagement party or a bar mitzvah, but the setting and atmosphere are quite different.

Here are four kinds of corporate catering that each have their own qualities:

  1. Bringing regular meal services for in-house employees

Often, we will cater food for the full staff at a business. At some places, they want this every day — say, for a stretch of time while they are under deadline to deliver or “ship” a new edition. In other places, they want a monthly delivery — maybe for an all-hands meeting they have with the CEO every first Thursday. Either way, this tends to be a more casual, serve-yourself kind of situation.

  1. A formal gathering, e.g. for shareholders or for recipients of awards or other honors

This is a full banquet, with plated meals and fancy accoutrements. Jackets, ties, and our finest silverware.

  1. A get-together with new prospective clients, or an ice-breaking event for social outreach

This can involve hors d’oeuvres or plates of finger foods brought out by the catering company’s servers. People are usually up, walking around, socializing, and chatting while they eat.

  1. A post-meeting celebratory dinner

Time to indulge! Great entrees, fabulous desserts, and satisfying side dishes. Let us break bread together and celebrate a job well done.