Simply Grand Offers Wonderful Value For Your Dining Guests

When looking for catering options in Cincinnati, price is certainly an issue to consider. Some caterers may upsell by unloading unnecessary enhancements and hidden costs into your bill. Not so with Simply Grand Catering, where the approach is simple. No hidden charges, no unforeseen bonus line-items. What you order is what you get, and we work hard to keep the prices down.

Affordable catering in Cincinnati is no easy feat, but we proudly offer it every day of the week.

Box Lunches

sandwichesThe Simply Grand box lunches offer a dazzling array of healthy and filling options, all at very reasonable price. From delightful sandwiches to salads and more, these boxed lunches make the logistics of your working lunch easy, straightforward, and remarkably efficient and affordable.

The best part is, each of these box lunches are priced very reasonably! Considering how much you might spend on each person’s order — and the time you would waste going out to a sit-down restaurant rather than having it brought to you — the cost savings is considerable.

Nine dollars for a gourmet sandwich or a lovely salad. (Chicken Caesar, Spinach, Southwestern Cobb, Chef, Mediterranean, or Citrus Almond Salad — the choices are vast and very inclusive.)

Sandwich Trays

Each of our ten delightful sandwiches — Ham & Swiss, Roast Beef, Club, Italian Club, Grilled Chicken Club, Chicken Salad, Santa Fe Chicken, Smokey Turkey, Tuna Salad, or Veggie Delight — can be laid out on a welcoming serving tray instead.

Large Salad Bowls

You can save even more money by presenting these deluxe salads in generous bowls, and let your guests eat as much or as little as they want.