Buffet Catering In Cincinnati Is Much More Than Just “Easy“

It’s a lovely word, buffet. We inherited it from the French language. It can refer to a buffet table, or to a whole meal where the guests serve themselves. Whole restaurants are based on the buffet concept. The presence of a buffet often indicates great value for the diners.

With regard to catering options, there are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to staffing. At one end is the closest thing to a full-service restaurant. Servers carry plates to tables, take orders from dining guests, and effectively turn your event into a restaurant setting. At the other end is the box lunch. Your guests grab boxes, and they’re all set. Little to no staff is required for a box lunch.

An Option That’s Simply Grand!

Between those two is the sweet spot of the buffet. Buffet catering from a restaurant offers the best of both worlds. There are hot food options, with a variety of bakes and casseroles as well as salads and soups, but nobody needs to spend any time ordering from a server — or waiting for servers to deliver plates to tables.

Cincinnati’s finest buffet catering is available right now from Simply Grand Café and Catering. Restaurants that have buffets at their location are common, but restaurants that provide buffet catering are not always easy to find. Setting up a full buffet, with each individual dish at the perfect temperature, is a very specific act, requiring very specific concerns.

We are thrilled that Cincinnati has a buffet catering for all types of occasions, and we are honored to be that caterer.