Catering Breakfast Ideas

There is a great deal that goes into consideration when catering breakfast ideas. You want the fare to light enough to make for an easy start to the day, but substantial enough to provide fuel. It needs to have a solid amount of protein, and be flavorful. A catered breakfast should be healthy and tasty in equal parts.

Breakfast Catering Options!

Here at Simply Grand Café & Catering in Cincinnati, we have prepared breakfast options that we feel confident about. Your guests will be satisfied, and will have plenty of options to give them energy throughout the morning.

Our breakfast menu requires at least 24 hours’ worth of notice, and a minimum of 12 people eating to create an order.

The Simply Grand Hot Breakfast options are among our most popular, and are rooted around our delicious, hearty Egg Bakes.

Three main Egg Bakes are the root of these hot breakfasts:

– A Vegetarian Style Egg Bake, which we make with spinach, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese

– A Southern Style Egg Bake, which we make with sausage and cheddar cheese

– A Southwestern Style Egg Bake, which comes with bacon, salsa, and cheddar-jack cheese

Each of these options comes with English muffins, butter, and preserves, and is a terrific value at $6.95 per person.

We also offer a wide range of continental breakfast options, which start at a minimum of 12 each as well. These include: sausage patties, bacon, country red potatoes, Danish pastries, muffins, bagels with cream cheese, yogurt, and fresh seasonal fruit.

If you would like to hire a service attendant, Simply Grand can provide one as well. Each attendant costs $125, and is fully trained to prepare and serve the catering options.

We look forward to working with you to feed your guests, and we are proud to bring these and other catering breakfast ideas to the greater Cincinnati area. Please call us at 513.381.6000 for more information, or place your catered breakfast order online. Thank you!