Choose A Catering Company That’s Also a Restaurant

Looking for a caterer? Wondering who to go with and what makes one caterer better than the other? Well, we may be biased, but restaurants that cater are often the best choices for events. There are a few reasons for this.

For one, since the chefs prepare these dishes every day for guests in their own space, they are able to hear what works best. They can adapt their menus to the tastes of their own guests, and have that intimate, face-to-face experience with diners and connoisseurs in their own dining rooms. And, over time, these gourmands are able to refine and develop their menus to achieve magnificent results. The “research and development” of their own restaurants leads to a more subtle, flavorful, and personalized offering in what they bring to a catered event.

Another reason why restaurants that cater are excellent choices for event work: you can sample the goods. You can visit the restaurants, try some of the different offerings, and choose what pleases you the most. Sometimes you can make your own taste test based on what the restaurants have on the menu that day, and then apply your picks and preferences to the catering menu.

Here in Cincinnati, Simply Grand Café and Catering can bring a great deal of variety to your meal, however you would like it catered. Our restaurant is right downtown near Fountain Square, and our dining room is full every day of the week for breakfast and lunch with working professionals, vacationers, museum visitors, families, and all manner of guests.

Since Simply Grand is able to provide food for a wide swath of humanity, we have the luxury of developing a broad and varied menu that fits many tastes.

So we encourage you to come meet us! We would love to cater your party or event, and we would love to talk with you about how we can best please you and your guests. (513) 381-6000 is our catering number if you have any questions, or you can come dine with us in our restaurant. We are in the lobby of the Great American Tower, right across the street from the Great American Ballpark (Go Reds!). The front door to Simply Grand is at 3rd and Sycamore, and every weekday we are open from 7am until 3pm.