Knowing A Dependable Local Caterer Can Be A Lifesaver

affordable sandwich tray cateringThere are some professionals that are simply helpful to know in your area. It never hurts to have a plumber’s number in your phone. Great to know a lawyer, and always good to know a tree specialist.

You know who else is good to know? A caterer. Knowing a caterer in Cincinnati can help you out of a jam, and can save the day.

Here are three reasons why you want to have a caterer in your contact list:

1. A caterer understands event planning

Beyond the standard menu items, a caterer can help you remember everything else — the linens and plates, the glasses and cutlery, the decorations, the clipboards if you need them, and much more.

2. Your caterer can do the set up and the clean-up

Getting the room ready is a huge undertaking. Setting up tables and table-settings, laying everything out in a beautiful setting, and getting the chairs and tables in the right arrangement — this is a lot of work, and having more hands on it makes it happen exponentially faster. Afterward, there are many steps which you, as the host, do not want to have to think about — clearing the tables, washing the dishes, and putting everything back where it came from.

3. You don’t want to guess about amounts

When not using a caterer, people tend to either over-order or under-order. Estimating a crowd’s appetite takes experience. Let a professional help you select your sizes, and you will not waste money on surpluses, or risk running out of your food and drink supplies. We can help with that!

Need a solid Cincinnati catering company on your contact list? We’ve got you! Simply Grand Catering – 513.381.6000