Finding the Top Catering Companies

If you ever have a friend, family member or colleague say, “Hey, how can I find the best catering near me?” Here are a few suggestions to pass on in order to help:

  1. Ask for their specialty.

Some caterers have particular ethnic foods or styles of preparation in which they specialize. Do they excel at meat-and-potatoes comfort food? Are they a cosmopolitan fusion of different nations’ cuisines? Are they Southern cooking or old-fashioned American food?

Letting them tell you their specialty — rather than trying to guess it yourself based on their printed menu or online presence — will tell you a lot. Is it a good match with the kind of people you will be inviting to your event? Might the food lean toward “too spicy” or “too unusual” for some of them?

  1. Look for variety.

Your guests want options. Can the catering company give an interesting array of choices? Are there finger foods as well as big, sit-down entrees? Are there sufficient meat and veggie options?

It’s better to offer too many choices than too few. You never really know what all of your guests may prefer, so it’s best to let them decide for themselves. Make sure you pick a catering company that can satisfy a variety of tastes.

  1. Request a tasting.

Sometimes you can request to try the food for yourself! There’s no better judge for your event than you. Many catering companies are happy to let you come over and sample their wares depending on the circumstances. And, who knows, maybe they have a particular dish that you wouldn’t have chosen — but now you’ve sampled it yourself, and you find it mouthwatering.