Luncheon Catering Done Right in Cincinnati

It takes some people years to perfect their approach to luncheon catering. Thankfully, our experiences in Cincinnati have taught us a lot over the years, and we apply this knowledge every day.

There is an art to catering a corporate luncheon. Your guests and business partners are, without exception, looking forward to the lunch break. However, you do not want the catering to distract from the work at hand, and you do not want to disrupt the flow of the day.

The food options for such a luncheon must be varied enough to fill all dietary, food-allergy, and other needs of your guests. You need to satisfy those who are avoiding gluten, or carbohydrates. You need to supply enough vegetarian and vegan options to keep your clients happy as well.

You want to provide a range of options, but not so much wild variety that it becomes overwhelming. Having “too many choices” can actually be paralyzing. As psychologist Barry Schwartz explored in his book, The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, having too many options can create anxiety in a consumer. While autonomy is important, and freedom of choice is essential in a free society, there is a limit to how many varieties we want to consider at one time.

Alina Tugend writes in her New York Times article, “Too Many Choices: A Problem That Can Paralyze,” about her younger son. He hates having to make a choice, and his fear is that whatever he chooses, that the option he did not pick would have been the better option.

That is not to say, of course, that Simply Grand limits the options. More to the point, in our luncheon catering, we supply the optimal number of options.

(513) 744-9111 is the main Simply Grand line, and if you would like to order catering, (513) 381-6000 is the fastest direct line. Our restaurant is in the lobby of the Great American Tower, which is at Third and Sycamore in downtown Cincinnati.