Let Us Let You In On A Few Things About The Catering Biz

Cincinnati is a scenic city. And like other scenic cities, that means it is a big catering town. With its rolling hills and epic views across the river and down the Miami Valley, Cincinnati is a destination city for conventions and family reunions.

As a nexus for business negotiations, Cincinnati also has a great need for catering services. With the gravitational pull of the Milacron, P&G, Luxottica, Macy’s, and Scripps headquarters alone, corporate leaders are frequently flocking to the Queen City. More often than not, these big business titans want to hire private catering, rather than eating out in public.

So what do you not know about catering that perhaps you should?

  1. Menu options are tested

It is not merely on a whim that certain sandwiches are included, or particular soups or salads. Caterers test their proposed menus on a variety of clients. This market research helps a catering company choose those dishes that are most desired and most requested.

  1. You can sample before you order

Do you have questions about the menu options? If you are planning a large event, you can come have a tasting at our café, and sample the wares. We can present you with a full sampler platter covering many of our casseroles, bakes, lunch options and more, so that you can taste and decide for yourself what we will serve your guests.

  1. The caterer carries insurance

Any legitimate caterer will have liability insurance. There is never a concern for your own personal liability — or that of your company — because the catering company has their own full coverage. This protects the caterer, and it protects you as the clients.