Simply Grand is a Cincinnati Original – Local and One-Of-A-Kind

Whether your guests are Cincinnati locals or out-of-town visitors, you want to treat them to a unique eating experience. When you cater your event, you want to choose a caterer that provides a one-of-a-kind culinary treat.

Whereas some people might opt for a generic, national chain-store restaurant for their food, you want something with more flavor and style. You want a Cincinnati meal, prepared by locals and presented in such a way that the dining experience is more personal and more stylish.

You Want Cincinnati Catering? We Got It!

For Cincinnati catering, look no further than Simply Grand Café and Catering. Our flagship restaurant is located just two blocks from the stadiums where the Reds and Bengals play. We are right around the corner from Fountain Square. We are as Cincinnati as WKRP and Johnny Fever. As Queen City as Pete Rose and Johnny Bench.

If you’re having a party, bring local flavor and panache to your partygoers.

If you’re catering a business event, remind your business partners that they are working in a city with a personality and a charm all its own.

Cincinnati is a remarkably flavorful and original city, and your catering choice should reflect that.

Instead of bland, rinse-and-repeat options from some franchise chain, pick personality and local, Cincinnati charm.

Simply Grand is Cincinnati through and through — as 513 as the Serpentine Wall or the Brent Spence Bridge. We are proudly part of the Blue Chip City, and honored to be from the city that brought the world the Blue Wisp Big Band, Sarah Jessica Parker, Doris Day, and Rosemary Clooney. This is Hamilton County, good people of the Tri-State! This is the city that gave birth to Bootsy Collins, Adrian Belew, Marty Brennaman, and Joe Nuxhall.

These meal options are ones we can bring right to your door. The smiling faces of our service staff could be greeting your guests and delivering these mouth-watering meals.

Where we shine:


Our pastas are lovingly prepared and given the ideal blend of simmering sauce. The mouthwatering Fettuccine Alfredo adds peas and mushrooms to the mix, with the Pasta Primavera delivers that combination of noodles and fresh vegetables that makes for a healthy and energetic plate. Our Rigatoni Bolognese is delightfully indulgent, with a tomato and cream sauce that pairs perfectly with the mildly-spiced, delectable Italian sausage.


These sandwiches are splendid. The club and the Italian club are the perfect blend of meats, lettuce, and tomato. The tuna salad, the Santa Fe chicken salad, and the traditional chicken salad have just the right combination of seasoning and sauce, and match so well with the deluxe Simply Grand bread. The smoked turkey and the ham and swiss are fresh twists on true American classics. And the roast beef gets rave reviews.


Our Simply Grand salads are light, fresh, and bursting with flavor. The Citrus Almond Salad is a crowd favorite, with its balance of salty crunch and tart orange. The Southwestern Cobb Salad has a spicy kick, and the Spinach Salad is fresh and fortifying. The Chef Salad is certain to please, and the Chicken Caesar Salad is one of our most popular luncheon choices.

Chicken dishes

These entrees are fantastic. Our Chicken Piccata has a lemon-caper butter sauce with a splash of white wine, and it is stupendous. Our customers can’t get enough of it. The Chicken Marsala is wonderful too. But wait until you try our Chicken Carbonara. We get so many people asking how we make our bacon and cream sauce for the carbonara — it’s an explosion of flavor, and unlike any chicken entrée you’ve ever experienced. It’s in its own marvelous world of rich, savory delight, and it is 100% Cincinnati.