Sandwich Tray Catering

Sometimes the perfect way to cater a gathering – large or small, business or casual – is to opt for sandwich tray catering. Sandwiches seem to please everyone. And given the huge variety of eclectic options, it is easy to cover everyone’s divergent tastes.

You Want Sandwich Trays? We Got ‘Em!

At Simply Grand Catering in Cincinnati, we can hit a whole bevy of different sandwich targets:

Tuna salad – the classic, energy-providing fish dish that refreshes and satisfies;

Chicken salad – the meatier variation, carefully spiced with just the right touch of sweet;

Santa Fe chicken salad – the southwestern version of the chicken salad, with a tangy Mexican kick to spice up the day;

Club – that all-time American classic with bacon and poultry making a classic BLT that much more filling;

Italian Club – the Italian-American twist on the standard club, adding a saltier, cured-meat boost;

Grilled Chicken Club – a slightly healthier club version to please all palates;

Ham and Swiss – may be the greatest combination of meat and dairy to ever grace our tables, the marriage of ham and Switzerland’s finest;

Smoked Turkey – the other white meat, living delightfully with a subtle bit of mayonnaise;

Veggie Delight – to keep our vegan and vegetarian friends satisfied, as well as those who would just rather opt out of their carnivore habits for that meal.

You may not know the full history of the sandwich. And you should.

This History Of The Sandwich

Many people reference the “Earl of Sandwich” — specifically, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was an English nobleman in the 1700s. This is true. But the style of presentation precedes him.

Hillel the Elder, a Babylonian Jewish elder who was born in 110 BCE, used matzah bread as a wrap for lamb and bitter herbs during Passover. We can compare this proto-sandwich to the modern-day “wrap,” or to any use of flatbread to contain stuffings. Hillel the Elder also used sweet apples and nuts (called “charoset”) between his slices of matzah.

Flatbreads as food-scoops date back to ancient Morocco, Ethiopia, and India as well. These flatbreads were in advance of the pita, injera, and nan bread of their contemporary cuisine styles.

During the Middle Ages, the bread of the time was used as a plate. This stale, thick, coarse bread was called a “trencher.” After the meal was eaten, the diner would feed the sauce-soaked or stew-soaked trencher to a beggar or to a dog.

In the Netherlands in the 1600s, we find references to “belegde broodje,” an open-faced beef-and-butter sandwich.

As the idea of “sliced bread surrounding meat” spread, it came into fashion as a late-night meal for the wealthy. And here is where we find the 4th Early of Sandwich, who could hold his bread-and-meat fare in one hand while playing cribbage with the other hand. The cards stayed clean, and he didn’t need a fork. Brilliant.

Reach out to us at (513) 381-6000 and we can meet all of your sandwich tray catering needs. Here at Simply Grand Café & Catering, we can begin setting up as early as 6:00 a.m., and can serve until 9:00 p.m. if you need it. Cincinnati, we are here to cater to you.