What It Takes To Be The Finest Catering Company in Cincinnati

When you are from Cincinnati, food comes up in conversation. When we travel around the US, people in other cities quickly jump to food talk when they hear we are Cincinnatians.

“Oooh, Cincinnati is where they have that LaRosa’s pizza, right?”

“Is it true that Cincinnati chili has cinnamon and chocolate in it?”

“I’m so glad Graeter’s started distributing on the west coast.”

“So, what IS goetta, exactly, anyway?”

This is a marvelous food town. Our area has plenty of unique, distinctive, cherished varieties of regional dishes. Many of these dishes fall into the category of what we might call “comfort food.” And when people return to Cincinnati after years or decades away, often the first thing they want to do is dig into a cheese coney or a pint of Black Raspberry Chip.

This sets a high bar for any catering company in Cincinnati. If a business lunch is hiring a caterer, the out-of-town clients expect the food to be top-notch. If a family reunion is welcoming guests from across the continent, then these guests expect their Cincinnati caterer to bring the goods.

At Simply Grand, we understand the great expectations that people have for Cincinnati cuisine, and we feel inspired and motivated by the reputation our city carries. Our meals are prepared with a lot of love and a tremendous amount of care for the details and the subtleties of flavor.

We understand that Cincinnati is a world-class food city, and that any catering company in Cincinnati must be world-class as well. We look forward to cooking for you and handling your special event, corporate, lunch meeting, and everything-else catering needs!