What Makes Simply Grand A Top Cincinnati Catering Company?

Working to be a top Cincinnati catering company is not a one-time accomplishment. It takes perseverance, and a never-ending passion to improve our offerings and our service. Here in Cincinnati, catering requires a great deal of work and coordination.

Here are nine ways that Simply Grand Catering stays on top, and continues to excel in Cincinnati’s catering market:

  1. Friendly, personable service

Our servers and wait staff are the best in the business. We hire people who can make any social setting easy and comfortable, and who can field any guest’s questions or requests with a smile and an accommodating manner. We understand how the upbeat attitude of the staff can turn a catered meal into a delightful interaction.

  1. Attention to detail

Every bake, every casserole, every entrée, and each buffet offering is prepared to exacting specifications. Every subtle spice and each sauce is a carefully rendered testament to the precise nature of our cuisine.

  1. Flexibility and customization

We can adapt to you and your guests’ requests. Whether it is combining elements from different catering menus, or adjusting our recipes to avoid certain ingredients, we never hesitate to take requests.

  1. Promptness

Simply Grand always gives our employees ample time to get our offerings ready. A rushed meal is never as satisfying as one that is prepared calmly and carefully. Our food will be ready for your guests the moment they are ready to eat.

  1. Tidiness and decorum

Not only are our prep tables clean and presentable, but our footprint is small. What do we mean by that? When we are finished serving our meal, we remove every trace of ever having been on your premises. Your banquet hall, or conference room, or living room may even look tidier than it was before we arrived.

  1. A robust menu

Our catering menus are full and varied. From our luxurious buffets, to our full deck of hors d’oeuvre offerings, to our homestyle casseroles and bakes, there are so many options you can choose from. The box lunches offer a pleasing choice for your guests as well.

  1. Rich and subtle flavors

Simply Grand’s world-class chefs bring a cavalcade of international flavors to bear in our kitchen. The sauces for our primavera, our lasagna, our penne, and our Bechamel sauce are the talk of the town.

  1. Healthy options

We keep nutrition at the forefront of our minds when designing our menus. Even our more indulgent menu items are prepared in the healthiest manner possible, and our dishes are designed to be protein-rich and fortifying. We choose our ingredients carefully, and our produce suppliers are carefully chosen and vetted for the quality of their deliveries. This means our fruits are the freshest and most delectable in town, and our vegetables are straight from the farm.

  1. Affordability

Here at Simply Grand, we take great pains to keep our costs in check. We run a tight ship, and keep our sails trimmed. Our supply chain for food supplies is efficient, and grows more streamlined each year. Where some other Cincinnati based caterers may inflate their prices with hidden line-item charges, Simply Grand Catering keeps its billing simple. No surprises, no added fees, and no overcharges at any step of the process. Simply Grand delivers a remarkable value. Any time of year, for any type of gathering, Simply Grand is simply a great deal.

Diverse Catered Options in Cincinnati

When you need catering and you need it done right, contact the pros at Simply Grand Catering!