When You Need Catering in Cincinnati, Think Simply Grand

The best catering in Cincinnati is located right in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from the river. Simply Grand can handle your lunch events and dinner festivities with grace, aplomb, and some of the heartiest cuisine imaginable.

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Some of what Simply Grand brings to the table:

  1. Diverse options

From sandwiches to salads to pasta dishes and roasts, Simply Grand’s menu offers an incredible range. Any and every palate will find many plates to love in the Simply Grand offerings.

  1. Perfect preparation

These dishes are prepared exactly to the ideal state. While some caterers may serve their dishes too cold or too hot — maybe they were the right temperature at SOME time, but not now — Simply Grand knows exactly how to line up the time. Your guests will be thrilled at how delicious these entrees and sides prove to be.

  1. The best catering staff in Cincinnati

Our team is amazing. From our chefs to our servers, our camaraderie is infectious. We love what we do, and we love feeding you and your guests. We enjoy all of these dishes ourselves, and we put a tremendous amount of personal attention into every stage of preparation and serving. We look forward to making your event fun for everyone.

  1. The finest ingredients

We take special care to source only the best elements for all of our dishes. From our meat options to our incredible array of salads, we know that the core ingredients are absolutely crucial. We take great pride, and great care, in finding the freshest and tastiest groceries for our catering creations.